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Positive Body Image

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Building Self-Confidence & Raising Self Esteem

The Positive Body Image Programme is a 6-week programme to help you promote positivity towards your own body, as well as those around you. On our positive body image course, we examine the feelings of negativity/concern young people commonly share, and how to tackle these issues when building positive relationships with your own body. We work together to understand the social construction of ‘beauty’ in society, and how we can use this to challenge preconceived notions of the ‘ideal body’.

This positive body image programme draws on research and feminist literature to provide a well-rounded view of various aspects that will potentially impact your body image throughout high school and beyond. In order to develop strategies to maintain a positive body image this programme will consider:

  • The importance of recognising pressures on young people’s bodies, and how they can navigate such expectations.
  • How we can be actively kind to ourselves and practice good mental health.
  • The impact and consequences of the online world young people are constantly exposed to.
  • The importance of forming healthy/positive relationships with food at a young age, and how to maintain this into adulthood.

The joy we can receive and spread by celebrating uniqueness, embracing our differences and appreciating our bodies for what they are.

Who can attend:

The Positive Body Image programme is for pupils who have, or are beginning to have, negative attitudes and feelings towards their own body. This can include negativity towards the following:

  • Body shape and size
  • Hair and body hair
  • Facial features
  • Breasts and genitals
  • Height
  • Muscle appearance
  • Skin and spots/acne
  • Teeth/smile
·Session 1: What is body image?
  • What is the difference between a positive and negative body image, and how does this impact us as individuals?
  • How do we define ‘beauty’/’attractiveness’? - Understanding social constructions.
  • Why is it important to talk about body image now? - The pressures and expectations on teenagers throughout puberty and beyond.
Session 2: A positive relationship with yourself: Stigmas and taboos
  • Why it is important to break the stigma – acne, body hair, stretch marks and genitalia.
  • Body image and mental health – how to be kind to yourself.
Session 3: Fakebook, fitter and instagram: The impact of the media
  • Inspired by the work of Laura Bates
  • The impact and pressures of social media – how can we challenge the online world?
  • TV and film – why do we idolise celebrities?
  • Magazines and advertising – a look back in time. How beauty standards have changed over time.
Session 4: Positive relationships with food: Fighting diet culture
  • What is diet culture and why is it so damaging for young people?
  • How to form positive relationships with food.
  • Links to mental health issues and eating disorders.
Session 5: How we can support each other: Celebrating uniqueness
  • Conversations with friends and family, how to offer and accept support.
  • Use of everyday language and being mindful of those around us.
  • What makes us unique and why is it so important to celebrate differences?
Session 6: Making a pledge
  • Making a personalised pledge – how will you promote a positive body image for yourself and those around you?