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Choosing the right options at post-16 is a significant decision.

We offer a supportive and thorough interview process that supports students into challenging and appropriate pathways. We will work together to explore your strengths, passions and ambitions to ensure that you are on the right study programme.

Our taster day will further enable you to make informed decisions about your final subject choices. Information to follow.


You may find the following to be helpful principles to consider as you determine your next steps: 

  • Embrace independence

Know what you are good at. This is your personal journey and therefore your subject choices must reflect your strengths as an individual.

  • Seek out motivation

Know what you enjoy. Intrinsic motivation is the key motivating factor as you take on the challenge of A Levels. Keen interest and enthusiasm for further study around your subject choices is a great indicator for what you should study.

  • Secure needed outcomes

Know what you need to do. Make sure you are clear on what grades you must secure in order to pursue your chosen career.