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Art & Design (A Level)

If you have the courage to follow a creative path, A Level Art at Forge Valley is the ideal stepping stone to a degree or further education study within this exciting industry.

Do you enjoy visiting art galleries? Working with a range of new media and techniques? Exploring new artists and craftspeople to influence your own practice? If so, A Level Art will allow you to develop as a creative, supporting your future in creative arts.

We offer opportunities to visit Art Galleries within the UK and a trip to Paris in Year 12.

Destinations and Future Career Opportunities

Consider the world you live in. So much has been through the hands of someone trained in one of the numerous areas of Art and Design. Whether it's Architecture, Fashion, Product Design, Interiors, Textile Design, Theatre and Stage, Make-up, Advertising, Graphics or film, the list is long and growing and needs courageous new talent to develop the creative future.

What are the entry requirements?

Five or more GCSEs Grade 9-4 or equivalent, including English. Minimum of Grade 4 in Art.

What will I study?

A Level Art is based around developing skills learnt at GCSE and applying these at a higher level. You can work to your strengths whilst also developing new skills and techniques.

You will create an individual and unique portfolio, showcasing a selection of thoughtfully presented
artwork that demonstrates the extensive range of research, development, outcomes and techniques applied throughout the course. This should also demonstrate your ability to sustain work from an initial starting point to realisation. 

Techniques and skills include, but are not limited to:

  • Drawing in a range of media
  • Batik
  • Felt making
  • Etching
  • Clay
  • Wire
  • Plaster casting

We will also support any techniques that students may research outside of the course.

How will I be assessed?

Year 12 - One unit of sustained work throughout the year and a trial exam based on the coursework.

Year 13 - One non-exam assessment project, including a written journal of 1000 words (60%) and one controlled exam project at the end of the year (40%).


What is the average class size?

The average class size is up to 10 students, which allows teachers to provide one on one support and feedback in lessons. 

Are the teachers specialists in the subject area?

All teachers are specialists in Art and Design and have extensive experience of running the AQA A Level course. 

How successful have previous students been in this subject?

All students have continued further education, with most in the Art and Design field. Past students have gone on to study a wide range of subjects at university, such as architecture, product design, fashion design, games design, graphic design, fine art and contemporary crafts.

What other subjects compliment this course?

History, Politics, English Literature, Product Design 

If you want to study architecture at university you will need Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Art. 

Art is also a great asset for students wanting to study dentistry or medicine as it builds dexterity and demonstrates problem-solving skills. See this recent article for more information on this :  

Will studying this subject allow me to go to university?

Yes, whether this is in the Art and Design field or a wide range of other subject areas. Lots of future job opportunities will be looking for the analytical skills, problem-solving and creativity developed by studying art. 

What careers can the subject lead to?

Art & Design opens the door to a wide range of exciting careers such as: set design, fashion design, product design, graphic design, games design, architecture, design engineering, make-up artistry, interior design, cosmetic dentistry, photography and many more.