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Anger Management

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The Anger Management Programme is a 6-week programme to help you develop skills to better manage feelings of anger. Anger management is the art of controlling your temper. On our anger management course, we teach the psychology behind anger, so you understand your feelings and actions then feel more confident working on them. We work together to look at strategies for dealing with situations that may make us angry.

This anger management programme draws on research about the development of emotional and social intelligence which indicates that a well-balanced and emotionally mature individual will be capable of greater academic achievement since they are not psychologically involved with inner tensions and emotional turmoil. To achieve emotional maturity this programme teaches:

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-management
  • Impulse control
  • Active listening
  • Empathy
  • Ability to understand non-verbal cues
  • Stress management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Mediation
  • Optimistic outlook
  • Acceptance of other people

Who can attend

The Anger Management Programme is for pupils with difficulties managing their reactions to strong feelings of anger. This can include:

  • losing your temper over small things that previously didn’t bother you
  • shouting or swearing more often
  • feeling on edge and easily snappy
  • getting physically aggressive with objects or people
Session 1: Ice breaker. What anger is and understanding that anger is a normal feeling:
  • Feeling words – Focuses on the many words that describe feelings.
  • Feelings focus – Understanding that there are six basic feelings: anger, sadness, happiness, fear, surprise, disgust.
Session 2: Understanding our triggers for anger, identifying who can support us.
  • What I get angry about – Identifying situations, people or physiological conditions that trigger anger and look at ways to respond to them.
  • What I can do when my anger is building up – This session gives students a range of options to use when they feel angry.
Session 3: Having difficult conversations
  • How can I go about having a difficult conversation?
  • What steps do I need to take?
Session 4: Mindfulness skills and relaxation techniques. What I can do when my anger is building up – This session gives students a range of options to use when they feel angry.

When I talk to myself – Teaches stress management, how to soothe, relax and calm themselves with self-talk.

  • Melt Down 1 – Describes how people feel when they experience an emotional hijack.
  • Melt Down 2 – Learning ways to stop the anger exploding.
Session 5: Getting Even Without Making It Worse:

Learn about healthy, non-destructive ways to get even when you're angry. What we are aiming for is a feeling of resolution inside, and this is where you can learn exactly how to accomplish that. It doesn't have to mean hurting other people.

  • After the Storm – Understanding what happens after an emotional hijack and learning empathy.
  • Making ‘I’ Statements – Learning how to repair damage after an emotional hijack.
  • Rules for Myself – Helps pupils to work out their own rules for behaviour when they have an emotional hijack and evaluate what they have learnt about anger management.
Session 6: Making a personal pledge