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Getting Organised / Facilitating Change

Intervention – Getting Organised/Facilitating Change

Poor organisation can show itself as a number of problems in young people.

It can contribute to anxiety, academic problems, depression, behavioural issues, and more. Building a bank of strategies that help young people get organised, can help young people gain the confidence to face their days more confidently.

Like many adults, young people often discount their strengths, this support intervention will look at the pupils existing strengths and build on these. Ensuring that the young person feels that they are in control of themselves and their day.

If you find yourself saying the following things

I feel like I can’t get anything right; I do not have any energy and I forget things; I don’t feel like I’ll never remember anything; they think I forget things on purpose and you are worried about your organisation and your inability to be organised in situations is getting you into trouble or stopping you from doing the everyday tasks you want to do. Then complete the form with the booklet and we will arrange a chat with you and advise you on the support available to you.