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The brain is a very complex thing, and it evolved a long time ago, when our ancestors competed for food and were surrounded by threats. The mental habits that evolved at that time still underpin many the processes in our bodies that we now experience as stress, anxiety, and other emotions. In other words: it is totally natural and normal to get angry, stressed, or panicky at times, but often these emotions don't help us solve our problems, like they did for our ancestors many thousands of years ago. In modern life, they can even make some situations worse for us and the people around us. Meditation practices help us to realign these habits with modern life, helping us to develop a healthy relationship with our emotions, so that they do not make our lives more difficult, whilst reducing stress and inflammation in the body. The practices in which you will be coached are all based on well-established and demonstrable neuroscience, though conversations about various kinds of mysticism are welcomed!


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