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Politics (A Level)

This is a fascinating and highly relevant course which deals with issues that affect everyone.

The first year focusses on British politics and the second year focusses on American politics and Political Ideologies. You are not expected to have any prior knowledge, but an interest in current affairs is essential.

During Year 12 there will be a residential trip to London, which will include a visit to the Houses of Parliament.

Future Opportunities

Politics A Level is accepted on a very wide range of degree courses. It develops the skills of enquiry and analysis as well as the ability to debate an issue and construct a balanced argument. These skills provide an excellent foundation for degree-level study across a variety of subjects. Politics is
good preparation for a wide range of careers. For example, teaching, banking, personnel work, civil service, public affairs and administration and management.

What are the entry requirements?

Five or more GCSEs Grade 9 - 4 or equivalent, including a 5 in English.

What will I study?

Areas of study include:

  • Parliament - is it just a lot of shouting?
  • Prime Minister and Cabinet - who runs the country?
  • Elections - do they really change anything?
  • Constitutional Reform - does the system need changing?
  • Europe - do we need it?
  • Political parties - what do they believe in?
  • Democracy - is it important?
  • The United Kingdom - how united is it?
  • Is Socialism the cure to social inequality?
  • Does Conservative allow the best and brightest to succeed?

How will I be assessed?

You will sit three exams at the end of the second year. All 2 hour papers on UK Politics and Government and  Comparative Politics. 


What is the average class size?

10-15 students.

Are the teachers specialists in the subject area?

Yes, all our A Level teachers are specialists in the area.

How successful have previous students been in this subject?

Very successful. Students regularly go off into the wider world of work or university satisfied with their results in the subject. Many have gone on to study politics in various universities across the UK. 

What other subjects compliment this course?

Works best alongside History, English, Sociology and Criminology. Although we have students across a range of disciplines.

Will studying this subject allow me to go to university?

Yes, it is mostly for students who wish to go to university to further their studies academically.

What careers can the subject lead to?

It lends itself well to those wishing to work in the governmental civil service, education, academic research. You can also work for a political party as a researcher, policy analyst or public consultant. Other routes include the police, prison service, lobbying for a charity, journalism, working for the foreign office and diplomatic opportunities abroad through global organisations like the UN/ EU.