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Remote Learning

Forge Valley School is committed to ensuring that all pupils have access to an ambitious, broad and balanced curriculum and are supported in making good progress regardless of whether they are learning in school or remotely.

What is remote learning?

Remote learning is when pupils learn from home as they are unable to attend school due to Covid 19.

Who is remote learning for?

Pupils eligible for remote learning fall into one of the following categories:

  1. Self-isolating because they have tested positive and it has been agreed that the child is well enough to learn from home
  2. Awaiting the results of a PCR test
  3. Under paediatric or other specialist care and who have been advised by their clinician or other specialists not to attend school
  4. Part of a group sent home as directed by public health

How do I let the school know if my child needs remote learning?

If your child is eligible for remote learning and you want them to have access, please contact school on 0114 234 8805 ext. 2606 or email We will make your child’s teachers aware. If your child is in the 3rd category listed above then your child’s Head of Year will be in touch to discuss their timetable.

How do pupils access learning and lessons remotely?

If your child needs to self-isolate they will access lessons in one of two ways. Lessons will largely be delivered using Microsoft Teams and will follow the normal school timetable. Live lessons will begin 5 minutes after the lesson start time in order to give teachers time to log on. Live lessons on Teams will be accessed through the Teams calendar or via links emailed by the class teacher. Where a live lesson is not possible or appropriate, pupils will be sent E-learning work via email. To access SharePoint use the button below.


What if I need a laptop?

If your child needs a laptop while isolating, please contact school on 0114 234 8805 ext. 2606 or email

How do I use Microsoft Teams?

You can find our Forge Valley School Guide to using Microsoft Teams on our school website below.

How does the school get feedback on my child’s experience with remote learning?

At the end of each day pupils should take 5 minutes to complete the following form which is a chance to share any issues across the day in accessing remote learning.