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Emotional Logic

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Emotional Logic is an excellent way to help you understand and make sense of your emotions. There is a purpose to every emotion you feel, particularly the unpleasant ones which are trying to tell you that something is wrong, and it needs to be dealt with. With Emotional Logic you will understand how these emotions are triggered whenever something you value is lost or at risk and how to turn them into positive action. Emotional Logic is a useful tool not only to manage your anxiety, but also to help you cope better with disappointments and to build resilience in the face of life’s challenges.

Who can attend:

Every student who wants to discover how to make sense of unpleasant emotions such as anxiety, anger, guilt or depression and wants to find ways to cope with change and setbacks

Session 1: Recognise what’s happening by:
  • Identifying body clues
  • Linking these feelings to Emotional Stepping Stones
  • Understanding what these mean and how they fit together on the Turning Points diagram
  • Learning breathing techniques
  • Introducing Shock, Denial, Anger and Guilt
Session 2: Move to a safe place by:
  • Identifying Shock
  • Understanding the concept of a safe place
  • Understanding the point of a safe place – a place to plan
Session 3: Identify the problem by:
  • Stating losses
  • Relating Emotional Stepping Stones to these losses
Session 4: Make a plan by:
  • Planning strategies
  • Understanding Bargaining,
  • Depression and Acceptance
  • SMART planning
Session 5: Make your plan work by:
  • Carrying out your SMART plan
  • Using effective Bargaining strategies
  • Using assertive Bargaining to recover a loss
  • Choosing to let go
Session 6: Pulling it all together by:
  • Reviewing the 5 Step Process
  • Using the mnemonic ABCD (Aware, Breathe, Choose, Do)