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Sociology (A Level)

Sociology is about the study of societies, how they work and how they change. You will learn how societies shape people's ideas and behaviour and how in turn, people interact and shape their societies.

You will also have the chance to consider your own experience of the world around you and develop the knowledge and skills needed to play a part within the community.

Future Opportunities

Many students go on to Higher Education and have followed a diverse range of degrees including:

  • Maths
  • Social Sciences
  • Law
  • Business
  • Medicine
  • Media
  • English
  • Criminology
  • Education
  • Biology.

Students are better equipped to express their views, present balanced arguments and have an analytical, evaluative mind. Other students who have pursued a career at 18 have gone to work in Insurance, Law, Admin, Police, etc.

Links to other subjects

Sociology is a Social Science and therefore combines well with both Science and Arts based subjects. For example, students have combined Maths, Chemistry and Sociology or English, History and Politics, along with various other permutations

What are the entry requirements?

Five or more Grade 9-4 at GCSE or equivalent, including English. Grade 4 in Sociology (if studied).

Students need an open and enquiring mind, an interest in current affairs and the social issues of today.

What will I study?

  • Education with Theory and Methods
  • Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods
  • One of:

          a) Culture and Identity
          b) Families and Households
          c) Health
          d) Work, Poverty and Welfare

  • One of:
    a) Beliefs in Society
    b) Global Development
    c) The Media
    d) Stratification and Differentiation

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed through 3 written exams:

Paper 1: 2 hours (Education with Theory and Methods)

Paper 2: 2 hours (Topics in Sociology)

Paper 3: 2 hours (Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods.


What is the average class size?

The course numbers are strong, with an average of 15 across each year group.

Are the teachers specialists in the subject area?

Yes, all teachers are specialists in the area.

How successful have previous students been in this subject?

The students have been very successful, we have a strong pass rate, with a number of our students leaving Forge Valley with the top grades and heading off to prestigious universities.

What other subjects compliment this course?

Sociology goes naturally with any humanities or social science course, such as Government and Politics, History, Psychology and has an overlap with the Criminology course. It also works well alongside both English courses due to the need for a strong writing ability.  

Will studying this subject allow me to go to university? 

Yes! Sociology is offered by the top universities and is a very popular and academic degree course. 

What careers can the subject lead to?

Sociology can open many doors due to the teaching of critical thought. Careers that could be linked to the course include; the Civil Service, academic research, local government, education, policing, military, journalism, healthcare and social work.