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Staying Healthy Under Pressure / Exam Stress

Intervention – Staying Healthy Under Pressure; Exam Stress

In small doses, feeling pressured is an appropriate, normal, and healthy emotion. Everyone experiences feeling under pressure. It helps us focus and put more energy into what we are trying to achieve or complete a task that we are finding difficult. However, in many circumstances, too much pressure can have unwanted consequences.

Putting ourselves under too much pressure can become a problem, you will learn about how being too pressured can negatively impact physical and emotional health, school or work performance and relationships.

During the intervention you will learn some of the skills needed which can help to prevent or minimize the impact of pressure on our wellbeing, and recognise the triggers and warning signs that will impact our health. Other skills are intended to take control of your work load, such as diversions, time-outs, and deep breathing.

If you are worried about controlling the level of pressure or your response to situations is getting you no further forward, then complete the form with the booklet and we will arrange a chat with you and advise you on the support available to you.