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Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition at Forge Valley is used within the school’s canteen to make purchasing food and drink as efficient and effective as possible.
As a student approaches the purchase point the till identifies the student and displays that student’s account to the till operator for purchase processing.

The facial recognition service is only used within the canteen, facial templates are stored securely and are none transferable. Facial recognition data is not shared and is not accessible by any other persons or organisations.

If consent is not granted for this service to be used, students are asked each day for their year group and name by the till operator. A manual visual check is made comparing the student’s MIS profile picture to student. This is to ensure the correct student account is charged.

Further information on the service is available here :
If any students or parents have any concerns around the use of this service at Forge Valley please contact us.

GDPR Consent for the service

The Facial Recognition software that we use converts the student’s image into a numerical value that can only be used on our catering service to quickly identify your child. An image and the data is stored only in the system and as such cannot be copied, re-created, transferred, and cannot be used on any other service. The data is only stored as long as a student is on-roll with the trust. Where I choose not to give consent to the use of my child’s image for the service, I understand that this will not prevent them from accessing either school meals and alternative processes will be put in place for my child. I give consent for my child’s image to be used as part of the Facial Recognition option on our catering system.