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Academic Mentor

Our Academic Mentor plays a crucial role in guiding and supporting students in their academic journey. Our mentor can offer personalised guidance, share their knowledge and experience, and help students develop important skills such as critical thinking, organisation, time management, prioritisation, and research abilities. As well as building skills, the mentor also serves as a source of motivation and inspiration, playing a vital role in helping students reach their full potential and succeed in their academic pursuits.


Our Academic Mentor offers 1:1 mentoring sessions that aim to support students to build essential skills and qualities that will not only help them through Sixth Form, but help shape them to be confident, independent learners. Sessions tend to be weekly and are usually an hour long, depending on the needs of the student.

If you feel you or your child is struggling and would benefit from intervention, then use the resources below:



Directed Study 

Whilst studying at Forge Valley Sixth Form, you are timetabled to a Directed Study lesson twice a week. The room is monitored by the Academic Mentor, who supports and guides students in their studies. The focus of the lesson is to complete work, independently, in a silent, work-friendly environment. The room facilities include computers, desk space, stationary and other equipment.