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Why study History?

The Forge Valley History department believes that a solid grasp of the history of the world is hugely important in young people developing as free thinking, questioning and articulate members of society. The History department will ensure that enjoyment and understanding of the subject is pursued through understanding of the cultural, social and economic complexities of the past. They will understand differing cultural contexts in their pursuit of knowledge of the subject.

Subject Overview

By the end of their History journey, our pupils will be armed with all the historical skills necessary to interpret sources, analyse evidence and understand the past. They will be able to construct coherent arguments by considering different opinions about the past. Learning will cover a range of periods from the Chinese Qing Dynasty, the Industrial Revolution, the spread of the British Empire, the Cold War and the War Against Terror. All these topics, from different eras, will provide pupils with the vital skills for understanding the world today.  

What is your departmental approach?

Through fostering a passion for the subject through dynamic teaching and rigorous assessment, pupils will become well-versed in the importance of interpreting the past in order to understand the present, and consider the future. Our pupils will appreciate and understand the diverse nature of modern society and be able to effectively communicate knowledge and understanding and be confident, articulate citizens. For our aspiring historians we aim to provide a clear route to allow success academically as well as offering transferable skills that will equip all pupils for future success. 

Supporting Your Child's Learning