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Science is a practical subject in which students will develop their scientific skills as well as developing their knowledge of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Students will learn to observe and interpret data through a practical approach to learning. They will assess the reliability of evidence and ideas and gain an insight into the historical development of scientific theories.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum Content

Year 7

Term 1

  • Biology: Cells and microscopes, structure and body systems.
  • Chemistry: Elements and the particle theory.
  • Physics: Introduction to energy.

Term 2

  • Biology: Photosynthesis and respiration.
  • Chemistry: Compounds and mixtures, separating techniques.
  • Physics: Forces.

Term 3

  • Biology: Food chains and food webs.
  • Chemistry: Acids and bases and simple chemical techniques.
  • Physics: Electricity and magnetism.

Year 8

Term 1

  • Biology: Health and lifestyle.
  • Chemistry: The Periodic table.
  • Physics: Waves, sound and light.

Term 2

  • Biology: Reproduction.
  • Chemistry: Reactions of metals and The Earth.
  • Physics: Motion and Pressure.

Term 3

  • Biology: Adaptation and inheritance.
  • Chemistry: Metals and materials.
  • Physics: Energy and Space.

Year 9

Term 1

  • Biology: Cell structure and function. Using microscopes.
  • Chemistry: Atomic structure, particles and the periodic table.
  • Physics: Energy, changes of state, the particle model and space.

Term 2

  • Biology: DNA and enzymes.
  • Chemistry: Purity and separation of chemicals.
  • Physics: Magnetism and Electricity.

Term 3

  • Biology: Respiration and Photosynthesis.
  • Chemistry: Metals, Recycling and the Atmosphere.
  • Physics: Motion.


For each of the three terms in an academic year, all pupils will study one biology, one chemistry and one physics topic. For each topic all pupils will have ten key questions that they need to learn the answers to. Pupils are expected to complete the quiz answer sheet every week, improving their recall of the key questions, the purpose of this is to allow pupils the opportunity to consolidate their knowledge at home.

All pupils will have an end of topic test, which will include some of the key questions from the topic. We will use the information as a diagnostic tool to inform teachers of any knowledge gaps which may need to be addressed.


Key Stage 4 Curriculum Content

Students follow the OCR Gateway Science Course. The aim of the course is to interest and engage students in science and give opportunities to:

  • Develop a critical approach to scientific evidence and methods
  • Acquire and apply skills, knowledge and understanding of how science works and its essential role in society 
  • Acquire scientific skills, knowledge and understanding necessary for progression to further learning.

The Combined Science course comprises:

  • 6 Biology Topics
  • 6 Chemistry Topics
  • 6 Physics Topics

More information can be found Here

The Triple Science course comprises:

  • 6 Biology Topics
  • 6 Chemistry Topics
  • 8 Physics Topics

More information can be found at:

Biology – Here

Chemistry – Here

Physics – Here