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Personal Development


Why study Personal Development?

Forge Valley is a safe, inclusive learning community where students and staff learn and thrive together. Our ethos is based upon ‘everyone striving to become their very best’. 

We live in a multi-faceted global community that exists both in the physical world and the digital world, providing 21st young people with immense opportunities. Our role is to support them in navigating this global arena. For them to achieve happy, fulfilling and healthy lives we will equip our pupils with the skills and knowledge they need to make safe decisions, to minimise risk, to be healthy, to appreciate the opportunities available to them and take full advantage of them. We strive for academic success but also believe that the rewards available from academic success can only fully be enjoyed with good health, successful relationships and a secure sense of self. 

The Personal Development curriculum 

Pupils in Years 7 to 10, 12 and 13 have a 1-hour lesson each week. In Y11 pupils take part in drop-down days, focussed on futures, managing the exam period and the transition out of compulsory education.

The curriculum in built around 3 core themes My Mind, My Body, My Future 

My Mind supports young people to develop their own set of values, morals and ethics. Underpinned by the Equalities Act 2010 and the fundamental British values, we discuss a range of areas such as racism, sexism and misogyny, LGBTQ+ rights and honour-based violence. 

My Body is all about our physical health covering topics such as puberty, diet and exercise, smoking and vaping, the link between physical and mental health, conception, contraception, STI’s, pregnancy, miscarriage and cancer. 

My Future includes lesson on careers and study skills but also equips pupils with an understanding of the rights and responsibilities as citizens. Topics covered include the UK political system, democracy, how laws are made, sustainability and citizenship.