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Engaging with an art curriculum enables students to broaden their horizons and offers them a greater understanding of the world in which we live. Students are taught to develop a broad range of skills and techniques allowing them to engage with artists, concepts, issues and build cultural capital. 

Students are encouraged to record, refine, develop and respond to design briefs allowing them to build confidence and creativity. Written work encourages the use of key terminology, analysis, evaluation and self-critique along with contextual writing in reference to artists. 

We endeavour to provide opportunities to understand and explore a wider art and design culture through the introduction of a broad range of current and past artists, traditions and cultures, gallery visits and opportunities to work with outside agencies including involvement in The Big Draw and other competitions. 

We are passionate about supporting and leading our students with their own style and creativity to become life-long practitioners with the skills to communicate effectively in a range of media. We believe that all students should have the opportunity to engage with the Arts and develop cultural and creative understanding and abilities. 

Key Stage 3 Curriculum Content

Mastery Learning  

Students study 3 projects a year throughout Key Stage 3. Each project builds upon the fundamentals of art and develops skills in a wide range of media. Students will be given a Mastery Menu for each project in class. It is expected that each student completes at least one task from the Mastery Menu per project.  


      Y7 Masks Mastery

      Y8 Mechanical Objects Mastery

      Y9 Perspective Mastery


Key Stage 4 Curriculum Content

Students work towards a GCSE in Art, Craft & Design to the AQA standardisation. 

Building upon the skills, knowledge and experience in Key Stage 3, students further develop their confidence in Year 10 with supportive workshops where they can explore a broad range of media with their teachers such as, etching, lino printing, felt making, silk painting and ceramics.  

Year 10 begins with the topic of natural forms and is supported by a trip to The National Gallery & Tate Britain. Moving into Year 11 students begin a second project with their choice of theme and develop ideas from a trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park.