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Key Stage 3 Curriculum Content

Year 7

Students receive one 60-minute lesson a week, with a focus on equipping them with the skills to become great geographers. They will study:

• Fabulous Geography

• An Expert Geographer - Geographical Skills

• Crazy Weather

• Coasts

• Field Work – One Day to the Holderness Coastline.

Year 8

Students receive two 60-minute lessons each week. Topics include:

• Plate Tectonics and Volcanoes

• China

• Ecosystems

• Rivers and Flooding

• Field Work – One day study of the River Porter.

Year 9

Lessons are taught on a rotation with History. One week students will receive one 60-minute lesson, the following week two 60-minute lessons. Topics include:

• Earthquakes

• Development

• Global Fashions

• Russia.

Key Stage 4 Curriculum Content

Forge Valley follow the OCR specification.

Students will study the following topics:

• Natural Hazards

• Rivers and Coasts

• Population

• Economic Development

The GCSE is assessed through a mixture of exams and controlled assessment.